What an Educational Consultant Is

An educational consultant is a skilled professional who provides counseling and recommendations to help students and families choose a school, college, or program that is a good personal match. Most belong to one association or another. Educational consultants can provide a student and family with individual attention, and information on a large selection of schools and programs.

Who And What We Are

We are Independent Educational Consultants for parents of troubled teens. We are just like your typical educational consultants, except we have opted not to join any specific association. We also do not charge parents any additional fees. Even if you found the program/school yourself you would still have to pay the same amount. By letting us help you, we can save you time and relieve some of the stress of this overwhelming process. In some cases, when academic optons are coupled with treatment, than insurance may cover. This is an area we definitely shine.

We have qualified personnel, who are willing to help you in every way possible. We have several different schools and programs for troubled teens to choose from. They consist of boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness programs, military based schools, therapeutic programs and residential treatment centers. In the past, we have helped hundreds of parents find and place their youth. We strive to ensure our knowledge and experience can benefit you, because we understand this delicate period.


What We Will Do For You

  • Help you find an affordable option that will best suit the needs of your teen and yourself
  • Help you complete necessary paperwork
  • Assist you with transport arrangements
  • Help you get financial aid or a student loan
  • Save you research time
  • Save you money

Better Schools, Better Service - Here For You!

"We don't make the decision for you, instead we help you decide by providing you with the information you need to make the best possible choice."

Let us help you and your child
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