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Recommended Programs and Schools for Troubled Teens

We work with a variety of programs and schools for troubled teens. We have placement options all across the United States. We have excellent military based schools, boot camps, boarding schools, specialty programs, residential treatment centers Christian schools, wilderness programs as well as therapeutic options.

The programs typically range in price from $2,000 to $5,000 per month. We have student loans available for several of the schools below. Payments can be lower than $400 per month.

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School Name Type State Gender Age
Sorenson's Ranch Wilderness Boarding UT Co-Ed 13-18
Shepherd's Hill Farm Therapeutic/Christian Program GA Co-Ed 13-17
Integrity House for Girls UT Female 12-18
Clearview Christian / Therapeutic ID Female 13-20
Bonneville Canyon Retreat Outdoor Adventure ME Male 18+
High Top Ranch UT Male 9-14
Resolution Ranch Therapeutic Camp TX Male 13-17
North Star Treatment Center Residential Treatment UT Male 12-18
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